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Car & Home Insurance

Why take chances with your most valued possessions when you have worked so hard to earn them?

Accidents happen. As much as we would all like to pretend they don't, the ugly truth is they do. What is worse through is that they are seldom anticipated and never convenient. Just for a second - before you get nervous - think of your worst nightmares: your home could be robbed. You could seriously damage your car or hurt another person in a road accident. Your business could get flooded or go up in flames.

So, don't waste your time keep peace of mind and call us to help you taking the right decision

Car Insurance Benefits:

Comprehensive insurance against collision, theft & fire.
Covering the client for his liability against third parties.
Motor personal accident for drivers and 3 passengers.
Towing services.
Clean record discount of 5%, 10%, 15% from the 1st ~3rd renewal & above.
Glass breakage is non consider an accident & therefore deductible free.
Providing class A repair network and help service.
Repair at the authorized agent during the first five years from the car age without additional deductible.

Home Insurance Benefits:

Protects your home in case of fire theft attempted robbery glass breakage natural disasters, internal damage and much more.
Secures the valued possessions inside your home as well, including.

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