Special Insurance

Malpractice may simply be defined as the unwarranted departure from generally accepted standards of medical practice resulting in injury to a patient.

When a physician undertakes the care of a sick or injured patient, the physician does not impliedly promise that the patient will be cured or even substantially benefited by treatment. It is naturally hoped that the patient will be benefited, but the law recognizes that good results are not always attainable.

Special Insurance Professional Liability:

There is a special type of insurance that is designed to protect someone, or a firm, from allegations that the work performed was negligent. Originally, this type of protection was available primarily for professionals and had different names depending on the type of profession.
For instance:
Physicians and dentists were protected by malpractice insurance.
Attorneys and accountants were protected by errors & omissions insurance.
Architects, engineers and land surveyors were protected by professional liability insurance.
Insurance Brokers and Consultants.

This type of coverage was, and still is, particularly important to professionals because, as professionals, they were personally liable for the professional services they rendered. There was no way to incorporate or organize to get away from this threat. But the professionals could transfer the risk to a third party in exchange for premium. And this third party was an insurance company.

Today this type of policy is available to a much wider group of firms. GIG Company is proud to have among its clients not only architects, engineers and land surveyors, but construction managers, technical design firms (such as lighting designers and acoustical designers), construction companies (with a design professional on staff), expediters and code consultants, safety consultants and management consultants that advise building owners.

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